Direct Trade is alive and strong with us at Theodore's Coffee part 1

Direct Trade Coffee is part of our coffee culture, and even that is hard to understand and keep it clean. We have been lucky enough for the background of our founder to have created relationships in the past, whom since four years ago have given us the opportunity to represent the product of their daily labor, roast it and distribute it world wide.

Where did it all start with Theodore's Coffee and Direct Trade?

Years ago Darwin Pavon (The Founder) used to be a Tech Consultant for a fertilizer company in Honduras, inside the group was created a Specialty Department focused on creating fertilizer formulas for sections of the farms, based on soils, leaves, fruits and soil solution samples taken every week during production season. All the farms started to create higher yields, lower costs and collect data to take decisions on what, when and how to apply the nutrient the plant needed for each specific part of growth and production.

 After doing all of this we created a massive network of farmers and friends who when they received a call from us asking them about their coffee and progress answered that they were super excited to know Theodore's Coffee commitment to Direct Trade was a thing! A real thing!

We traveled and met with Lucia Portillo owner of Finca El Guayabo (one of our favorite coffees) and while we learned that she was getting $0.35 per pound of coffee sold to one of the middle guys as has traditionally been done in the coffee business, we made a commitment to not just help her cause we love her but because once you try her coffee you get it, IT IS AMAZING! and is our best seller anywhere we are!

So here is what we did, we committed to pay her $2.50 the first year, $3.00 second year and $3.50 third year! How about fourth year? well we are going to see her soon to make sure she gets at least $3.50 or more. This has helped her to have a better life style, send her grand kids to school and change their life for more opportunities, Lucia is one of our examples, stay tuned we have more! 

Help us to keep Direct Trade clean and alive!

The Theodore's Coffee team

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