Holiday Season is the best time of the year to express gratitude, love and warm up our homes and our friends homes with some good coffees!

At Theodore's Coffee we strive to bring the best coffees from all over the world and ship them to all over the world as well. This idea to make sure and guarantee you get freshly roasted coffee and enjoy it at peak of quality.

During November and December we have plan to offer PHENOMENAL coffees like our GEISHA and Natural from Hacienda La Esmeralda, Panama! one of the worlds most famous farms and unique coffees, small bags of 50lbs at the time are available and just a hand full of roasters offered them, dont miss an unique chance to taste this coffees, go now to our website take advantage of our FREE shipping on all orders.

While you are surfing in our website PLEASE dont miss to check out our UNIQUE Honduran coffees! We proudly carry a big portion of our inventory out of Honduras, simply because the coffees are AMAZING, we cant say it enough and wont get tire of it either!


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