New season, new collections, new website and more

Spring has arrived and with it lots of good news, delicious coffees and more for you!

Coffee Lovers last January we celebrated our 2nd anniversary as Theodore's Coffee, we are so excited to share with you that we are doing really good! Our growth was over 110% from 2015 to 2016 and the forecast for 2017 is similar, so THANK YOU for your support and business.

In our daily roasting schedule we have discover more and more delicious coffees that we are going to share with you and let you taste some exotics, unique and fantastic coffees from all over the world.

We have enhance our website, please visit it at and share it in your social media and with friends, we really appreciate this form you. Now you can enjoy FREE SHIPPING and everything is roasted and shipped within 24 hours from your order! Life can not get better than this right? 

Our Direct Trade partnerships with coffee growers has increase exponentially, just stay tuned and you will see more and more coffees coming with exciting stories of success and empowerment from our farmers. Last year the Market Price of Coffee was average $1.40, Fair Trade $1.60 and we paid in Average $2.25 per pound of coffee to the grower! Say What? With this each grower can guarantee that their kids will go to school, enhance their crops and have a better quality of life!

All of this is THANKS to YOU, keep on brewing cause we keep on roasting!

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