New Year. New Roaster. New Goals. New Everything!

Happy 2018 Coffee Lovers!


2017 left us with lots of #goodvibes and 2018 started so good that we can express how thankful and happy we are to unpack this year.


Let us start with #celebrating our 3rd ANNIVERSARY...Yes we are 3 years old now and we are blooming! We are really excited to be part of your daily brewing and continuing roasting #amazing coffees for you! 

To #SHARE our appreciation we have a promotion on the website sales so go to buy 2 bags of any coffees you like and we will send you a bag of our CANARIO, Pulped Natural, Yellow Catuai, Fazenda Dutra, #Brazil, Cup of Excellence winner. This will last all month long and there is not CODE or anything else to do, buy 2 get 1, buy 4 get 2 and so...

Talking about #unpacking

big blue

Well, we unpacked this new roaster from Datgen Roasters Germany. We named it Big Blue and will be teaming with our US Polar Express roasting all your beloved coffees! Now we have increase in capacity  from 70,000 lbs/year capacity to over 250,000 lbs/year now! 

We will be moving into a new building in a couple of months to get into certify HACCP, NSF, ISO and others. We are following all the rules and certifications currently but our capacity and dreams have increase so we are moving forward strong!

Brandon and his Master Roaster Education!

Brandon got his SCA Roaster training and will be attending a few more this year to achieve his dream of becoming one of the worlds famous Coffee Roasters. He is loving the Big Blue and The Polar Express too... We are very proud of him and his work!

Coffee wise we are excited for the new Ethiopians coming in a few months we have already talk to our friends of Catalyst Coffee and Dominion Trading to reserve some amazing coffees of this year harvest. 

WUSH WUSH: This Coffee has make quite the impression among all of you, we have reserve more and we have plenty in stock so dont worry for it.

Reko Koba: Our Ethiopian flagship we have it we will always have it...We are addicted to Reko!

Playa Grande and Luz de La Noche: This Guatemalans are strong and consistent we are proud of having this too DIRECT TRADE relationship with this farmers!

Hondurans: Well you know we can not live without them...

Lucia Portillo, El Guayabo has receive sooo many amazing compliments from our friends of Angels Cup (

Playon, Pacas; Parainema; La Fraternidad and Lurvin are are good as they can be all this coffees DIRECT TRADE from our amazing friends in HONDURAS!!! 

Los Planes, El Salvador: This Pacas variety Direct trade TOO is sooooo good and people keep ordering it, we just committed to buy the whole production this season! So we will have this baby all year long.

Decaf: Well La Encantadora, SWP Decaf Colombia is PHENOMENAL 

DEVILICIOUS: Bourbon-Whiskey barrels aged coffee is #amazing

OUR Geisha, La Esmeralda, Panama was scored as the highest of the black box from Angels Cup average of 92 points! No bad right? We will keep bringing exciting unique coffees for you #coffeelovers

Ok me voy despidiendo ya!

Thanks to all of you for your support and keep drinking amazing coffees!


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