Sharing with others about coffee

Every year we get invited to the Owosso High School, Culinary Arts Class to share with the students about coffee.

Last week was "Coffee Week" for them and we spent 6 hours with 4 clases of about 25 students each. Sharing about coffee is a lot of fun for me, as we talk about the history of coffee and how it was "discover" which is still a mistery to how to brew a cup of coffee at home.

During each class I learn how our new generations of coffee lovers are more and more exigent with the appearance, quality and story of a cup. The third wave coffee is showing us the progress and interest on more than just a cup of coffee and it is fascinating.

Also we teach coffee "classes" (more a conversation) every month at Fireside Coffee Co. in Flint, Michigan. Last class was by far one of the most interesting as we did a pairing with coffee and food.

We did five rounds of coffee drinks and food like this:

1. Bruschetta with drip cup of our House Blend. A delicious combination of salty and savory notes with our spicy and creamy coffee.

2. Scone with a Espresso Shot of Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe. An amazing pairing with some faces surprised!

3. Chocolate bar with a French pressed Sumatra, Lintong dark roast.

4. Cheese cake with a pour over Honduras, Las Mataras.

5. Fruit cup (blueberry, strawberries and pinnaple) paired with a Chemex brewed Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe.

It was overwhelming to see the response and attention of the people and the excitement that even drove two of the attendants to do a presentation in their offices about coffee.


We love coffee not just because is amazing, but also because it connects people too!

Hasta la vista!


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