The land of the Sidama people in the SNNPR region is one of the most green and fertile lands on the African continent, and because of that, its people were stable and self-sufficient, an independent nation-state until annexed to Ethiopia in 1891. And a word on the name Sidamo vs Sidama: the Sidama do not refer to themselves as Sidamo. They feel it is a label that represents the the conquest of their independence and the suppression of their identity as a people. They prefer Sidama.

Both washed and unwashed coffees are produced here. The beans are of medium size and green/grey in color. Washed Sidama coffee is particularly appreciated for its round cup, balanced acidity, body and good quality mocca flavor, which is sweet in taste and a vital component of gourmet roasters' lists.

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Today on I have this otherworldly Wush Wush from @theodorescoffee. This one is amazing in every way and singularly unique in my experience! Buy, buy, buy!!!!

@kccoffeegeek Kansas

Thank You again for the fantastic coffees you have sent. Words cannot express how I feel about you and your relationship with coffee, and the farmers... The ones who make it all happen.

Stuart D. California

The coffee selection is always great. The barrel aged coffee is the greatest. The owner is what ties the awesome experience together.

@carldavis Michigan