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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe REKO

Designer: Ethiopia

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This coffee launches with intense mango and peach aromas. Elegant and light-bodied, those tropical and stone fruit notes are joined in the cup by Fuji apple, white grape and, honeycomb. A crisp apple acidity pairs with fruit tea notes and carnation for a silky mouthfeel and a clean floral-and-cane sugar finish.


When you sip a cup of coffee from the Debo sub-region of Kochere in the Gedeo zone, Yirgacheffe region, you’re imbibing the offerings of more than 850 coffee smallholders: a magical mix of heirloom varietals, and the essence of Ethiopian gardens and hills. Here, “farms” are measured by number of trees rather than acres of land, and growers collect from wild trees as well as their own coffee plants. They transport freshly-picked cherries each afternoon throughout harvest via foot, bicycle, motorcycle or donkey to a nearby washing station such as Reko.

Reko station, established in 2001, buys red coffee cherries. After sorting, individual farmer’s lots are combined into unique day lots which are often then combined to form larger lots. Next, the cherries are then washed by river water, then pulped with an old Agard de-pulper. After 36-48 hours of fermentation, the coffee is dried on raised beds, bagged, and sold under the Reko label.

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