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La Bendicion, La Palma, El Salvador

Designer: El Salvador

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Caramel, mango and tamarind, berries like bomberry, goji and raspberries, creamy and sweet like hone finsih with citrus 

Variety: Parainema

Finca La Benedición took 2nd place in the 2015 El Salvador Cup of Excellence competition, and the quality shown in the lots from here easily illustrates why it placed so high. Producer Ismael Flores grows mostly Pacamara, Bourbon, and Pacas on the 5 manzanas of Finca La Benedición, and he processes his coffees as Washed and Honeys, paying meticulous attention to his processes and displaying his passion for coffee. The Washed coffees are picked, depulped, fermented dry for 14–18 hours, and then dried for 13–20 days on patios. The Honeys are picked, depulped, and dried on raised beds for 13–20 days as well.

While production has been hampered a little by coffee-leaf rust and by weather, Ismael is able to produce up to 130 quintales. Access to and from the farm is difficult, however, and bad weather can limit the use of local roads.

Ismael has been growing and working in coffee for 15 years, and he considers coffee to be a stable source of income for his family, as well as "a nice way to give sustenance that drives us to get ahead." He hopes to find partners who will buy his whole harvest, which will help him to improve the quality and grow his production.

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