Our story!

I am not a story teller specially cause I was formed as a salesman by need! So let me try with my Spanglish (broken English) to tell you about "Theodore's Coffee".

Created in June of 2014, Theodore's Coffee became a true after dreaming about the American Dream. As some of you can tell and now all know, I am Honduran! Catracho is our nickname and that brings a lot of the flavor, culture and traditions we carry at Theodore's Coffee. The name Theodore's Coffee came from three reasons: 1. Theodore's from the Greek means "A Gift from God" and by this you should know me and my family are Christians, with that said we try not to label the business as any religious group or anything so we can respect ideologies and belief, coffee is a great conversation tool and we all deserve to enjoy it, no matter what. 2. My grandpa's name was Theodore and grandpa was the funniest most unique character I ever met, the sarcastic and sassy as well as his great heart, me and my siblings loved spending time with grandpa anywhere we found him, and this was maybe the harder part, yes finding grandpa as he was a bulldozer driver and worker for a mill company opening roads in the mountains. 3. If we had a baby boy, his name was suppose to be Theodore (well didn't work that way so we are super happy we got a Matilda! the sweetest most happy baby we could ask for).

Back to the story (I told you I wasn't a story teller!!!) After moving from Indiana to Michigan where we now call home. I started a business with two other partners in Indiana and ones we move to Michigan, I got pressured to created Theodore's Coffee as an independent business from the one in Indy. Started without too much coffee, knowledge of this specific market but with a very good background in coffee, farmers to connect and friends to reach back to get into business.

Growing up we didnt get a bottle of milk, we got a bottle with coffee...funny in a way but it was what we had so we took it! After going to college and worked as a salesman, factory manager, project manager and others I landed in a Fertilizer company whom opened their doors for me to meet, work and help coffee growers, here is where the backbone of Theodore's Coffee Direct-Trade story really begins. I used to travel all over visiting coffee farmers and learning about their stories, farms, families and needs. I got myself in a position of helping them to increase their yields, mentoring to maintain or change varieties, focus on quality instead of quantity and more. Last year we were able to support 23 growers from Central America. Some of their stories I will share will you in blogs but this people trusted me their coffees to be represented here and enjoy by you. Each cup has a meaning, each roasted batch has a personal connection to us and each farmer has now a friend on you to enjoy something in common...an Amazing Cup of Coffee.