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Demeka Becha, Washed, Ethiopia

Designer: Ethiopia

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limoncello, ginger ale | candied grapefruit | watermelon soda

Demeka Becha - Bona Zuria, Sidama
Name of Site: Demeka Becha Washing Station
Name of Village Becha Village
Name of Seifer (neighborhood): Demeka
Name of District: Bona Zuria
Name of Region: Sidama
Washing Station/Farm size:
GPS Coordinates: N6° 32.804' E38° 42.887’
Wet Mill site location: 2155 MASL
Farm Elevations: 2100 to 2200 MASL
Owner: Ayele Tulu
General Manager: Alemu Gobaro
Assistant Manager: Yohannis Tulu
Industry Manager: Mansesha Kekabo
Daily Labor Manager: Gebre Garo
Coffee varieties: 74/158, 74/165; 74/112; 74/110; and 74/40
Soil type: Loamy clay
Local people group name: Sidama
Local language(s): Sidama, Amharic

Special Prep Washed Day Lot

Demeka Becha site is situated at the top of a hill, which is ideal for air flow along the
drying beds. You enter through tin gates which open onto lush green grass and, if you’re lucky, smiling day laborers lined up clapping and whistling their excitement at your visit. The Demeka Becha site is owned by Ayele Tulu, a Sidama man who is deeply integrated into the local area of Bona Zuria where he has a few sites. His son Tsegab Ayele, who speaks fluent English and is eagerly involved with coffee culture globally through social media, is his right hand and manages the project. Tsegab’s younger brother Abinet (still in college but clearly on route to joining the family business) is responsible for photography and making sure that his dad has a chair and is comfortable. The heart, perhaps the true engine, of the family is Genet Haile Endeshow, Tsegab’s mother and Ayele’s wife. She fills up their lives and the home with her warmth, and her embrace expands to include everyone who has the privilege of working with the family and their coffee producing sites. She’ll make you a killer doro wat or chicken stew, which is served to honor guests in Ethiopia, and follow it up with traditional Ethiopian buna (coffee), served on her porch below the flowering vines that shade it even in the heat of midday. 

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