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Finca Bella Aurora, Dipilto Nicaragua.

This beautiful farm located in the border between Honduras and Nicaragua has one of Nicaragua most delicious coffees yet!

With tasting notes of Honey, peach, apples and spices and sweet white chocolate we believe this is a new favorite for you!


Farm: Finca Bella Aurora

Varietal: 100% Red Caturra

Processing: Fully washed & sun dried

Altitude: 1,450 metres above sea level

Owner: Olga Santos Perez

Town / City: Dipilto

Region: Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua

Finca Bella Aurora occupies 35 hectares of prime coffee growing land in the Municipality of Dipilto, Nueva Segovia, where the high mountains offer inspiring views, especially during sunrise and sunset.

With an average altitude of 1,400 masl, an average annual temperature of 22° C, regular rainfall and a temperate climate, the farm is ideally located for the production of specialty coffee. Even more important, however, is the painstaking care that current owner and manager Luis Joaquin Lovo López takes to ensure the quality of his coffee from crop to cup. 


Olga and her family comments about their farm and land: “We take care of our water sources. We use our water responsibly. The “honey waters” (waters after the wet process) are treated...until they are completely filtered. Coffee pulp [is composted and] used as natural manure...and prunings are used as fuel.” This commitment to environmental sustainability is an inheritance from his father’s approach to farming. “We cannot continue destroying the farms because they are ours,” comments Olga. “Later on Mother Nature will charge us with drought and lack of fruits what we have taken from her. My son Luis and I can say that we may be small producers but with a big consciousness.” Bella Aurora is planted primarily under Caturra coffee, though a small plot of Maracaturra composes about 4% of the farm’s current production. The lush coffee trees grow under the shade of Inga and banana, and due to an excellent farm management plan, sustainable control of pests and diseases, regular applications of fertilizer, and attention to detail with harvest procedures.

Award winning coffee one of our most popular best sellers.

This delicious coffee is just a most try!


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