Barrel Aged Coffee
Santa Barbara

Taste Notes: Caramel, Sweet Tobacco, Oak, Whiskey, Spices
Roast Level: Medium
Farmer: Darwin Pavon
Elevation: 1650 m.a.s.l.
Variety: Pacas, Bourbon, IHCAFE
Process: Washed, Aged in Four Roses Whiskey Barrels

This roast may look dark due to the aging process on the green beans, but the flavors in the cup are still medium body, sweet and nutty with the fine essence of fine Bourbon. Whiskey and coffee, they just go together!

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Aging Process

The green beans from Finca Santa Helena are aged in Kentucky whiskey barrels for months. This fantastic coffee absorbs the oaks, whiskey and cigar aromas from the barrels and along the delicious notes of dark chocolate, creamy vanilla and spice on the coffee, turns this magic experiment into a warm shot of coffee with amazing aromas of whiskey. 

Because of the process, only limited quantities of this coffee is available.

We recommend brewing this coffee with the French Press for optimum flavor. Light roasted Whiskey Barrel Coffee also makes for a great espresso. Enjoy!

*Contains no alcohol.