Buena Esperanza, Guatemala

Buena Esperanza, Guatemala

Finca Buena Esperanza or The Good Hope

With delicious notes of Honey, blackberry, strawberry and caramel finishes, one of our most sweet and delicate coffees.

Nery and German are two old friends of ours, about 3 years ago we starting working with their coffees and help them to enhance their crop in Guatemala, in the Huehuetenango region, Pedro Necta sector.

This year we selected their coffees as part of our selection as the new areas of the La Esperanza farm started to give really nice coffees, up to last year La Esperanza farm was divided in two sections La Esperanza and La Buena Esperanza. 

La Buena Esperanza coffee's are grown over 1800 masl single variety and special process, compare to the older sister La Esperanza which is more commercial quality coffee in process of transformation.

Nery and German have done a phenomenal work with this new sections of the farm we are so proud of their work and the achievements this coffee is having so far.

Drink the Buena Esperanza and let us know how this new jewel makes you smile.


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