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Theodore's Coffee



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Notes: Apple, Honey, Hazelnut, Tropical Fruit
Roast Level: Light-Medium
Origin: Tolima, Colombia
Farmer: Shady, Elias and Marta Bayter
Elevation: 1350 masl
Variety: Caturra
Process: Lactic and Anaerobic Fermentation


In the mountainous region of Tolima, Columbia, this coffee is produced by Shady Bayter, his brother Elias, and their mother Marta, at their El Vergel estate.

Grown in a microlot at 1350 masl, atop an inactive volcano and surrounded by guava trees, this red and yellow caturra has one of the most intense and fruity profiles developed by El Vergel, and has become one of their flagship coffees.

It is processed with a unique method that consists of a two-step anaerobic fermentation, followed by an intermittent drying process in a series of stalls with varying moisture levels, and then sun dried for 15-25 days. This process develops a more intense and clean profile, and enhances its complexity.

We are proud supporters and partners of El Vergel, and we are excited to be sharing this roast with you.

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