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Honduras, Finca El Puente

Designer: El Puente

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Finca El Puente, is one of our yearly coffees and every year it just gets better and better.

Light-Medium Roast

With some Fruity and creamy notes of panela, sweet peach, honey and latin spices.

Altitude 2,000 masl


Finca El Puente, is located in the highest growing areas of the Parque Nacional Cerro Azul in Copan, the most western and one of the most famous Mayan areas in the world, which has a reputation of its own for its very special microclimate. High altitude, cold nights, volcanic soil and high humidity produced by the nearby mountains, Coordillera de Merendon provide exceptional growing conditions for coffee. Very often coffees from this mountain will show sparkly citrus, blackcurrant and very complex qualities.

Fernando Espana bought this farm in 1992 on the same day his first son was born and named it after his grandmother. 

Fernando is currently building solar dryers and plans to ferment 100% of his washed lots. He is also designing a whole tracking system to keep record of what happens to each lot from the date coffee gets picked until coffee gets finally roasted and cupped.

Fernando has develop one of the most delicious coffees we are proud to roast and carry, we invite you to try one of our newest favorites specially for our dear Master Roaster Brandon Herholz.


Award winning coffee one of our most popular best sellers.

This delicious coffee is just a most try!

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