El Guayabo, Honduras 12oz

El Guayabo, Honduras 12oz

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Finca El Guayabo

Honey, citrus, tropical fruits with panela and cocoa finish!

Farmer: Lucía Portillo

Location: El Jaralón, Ocotepeque

Altitude: 1,750 – 1,800 msnm

Varieties: Pacas

Fauna: Ardillas, tacuacines, comadrejas, conejos, jorototo, clarineros, zanates, palomas, chorchas, taltuzas, gato de monte

El Guayabo, from our beloved friend Lucia Portillo, in San Marcos, Honduras!

Full Washed Process

Natural Fermentation for 12-18 hours

Sun Dried

Doña Lucía is a sweet and harwored lady! this mother of 12, yeah she had 12 kids and got widow about 27 years ago is a unique and special person for us! With that preasure and responsability she took over her sholders a big dream! Grow a amazing coffee!

The farm started with a 3 acres size plantation where she learned with her husband and started running the commercial side of the business, after that she started growing in size and volume, marketing her coffee and doing a little bit or everything as she says! (haciendo de todo un poquito como dice ella).

Currently only one of the twelve still lives with her, Rigoberto whom now is 30y/o the youngest and still single, that as his mom is full of energy and passionate about coffee.

We love visiting her and enjoying her delicious food!

Come and join us in a trip and meet her, we promise you this sweet lady will change your world!