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Finca Santa Teresa, Panama

Designer: Panama

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Santa Teresa,Panama

"Sweet with big acidity and a smooth mouthfeel; big grape flavor with toffee, floral, lemon-lime and berry." 

Merlot, Earl Grey, Grape Kool-Aid, Red Apple, Candy, Red Florals, Cloudberry, Strawberry, Mango, Jasmine, Muscat, Sugar Cane Juice, Black Pepper, Cranberry Juice, Honey, Strawberry Caramel, Lime.

Aroma / Flavor
Lime, Complex, Citric, Bright 

Black Currant, Berries, Milk, Sweet, Creamy, Powerful Aroma, Lively, Round Mouthfeel, Long Aftertaste, Juicy


Growing coffee in the Zona de Los Santos is something very common which has been transmitted from family to family for years, since it is a good source of income for personal and family progress.

Santa Teresa´s farm has been managed since 1963 by the Hidalgo family, since then over 4 generations of coffee lovers have seen the success and growth of the farm.

The cherries are collected by Panamanian families, who have been harvesting several years. On the other hand, the labor required for coffee plantations is carried out with the help of Nicaraguans and Costa Ricans, therefore, several families benefit from the business.

Several different varieties are grown on this farms, including SL-28, Geisha, Caturra, Catuai, and Pacamara. His wet mill is centrally located among the farms, and he depulps, processes, and dries the coffees on his land, and stores it in his own warehouse before shipping. None of his coffees are fermented; he uses a demucilaging machine to remove the mucilage, which eliminates the need for water at the mill. The drying time starts with a 2–3 day "pre-dry" on patios under full sun, and then it is moved to a greenhouse for a slow dry over 15–18 days.

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