Luz de la Noche

Luz de la Noche

San Pedro Necta

Taste Notes: Apples, Herbal, Sugar Cane, Cream
Roast Level: Medium
Farmer: German Tobias & Samuel Diaz Garcia
Elevation: 1750 m.a.s.l.
Variety: Bourbon
Process: Washed

This coffee offers a sweet cup full of molasses, honey, and chocolate shell candy attributes as well as a roasted almond fragrance. 

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Meet the farmer

Guatemalan coffee traditionally exhibits high malic acidity, caramel, and clean cups with a ton of sweetness. We see distinctly different cups in each region of Guatemala. Huehuetenango are typically known for their fruit forward profile that is borderline "naturally" pulpy, and a result of how large volumes of coffee are stacked on the patios.

German Tobias and Samuel Diaz have worked in coffee following the family business. Four years ago they decided to send samples of his coffee to roasters and independent organizations to prove his quality, that same year they competed in the cup of excellence and got named in the top ten coffee of the Huehuetenango region.

Where it's grown

In many places in the world, coffee grows in volcanic soil. Here in the Huehuetenango region in the western highlands of Guatemala, that is not the case. Located near Cuchumatanes, the highest non-volcanic mountain range in Central America, currents of hot air sweep up from Mexico’s Tehuantepec plain, intercepting the colder air flowing down the mountain and protecting the region from frost. This phenomenon, along with natural shade from the highland jungles, provides the perfect growing environment, allowing coffee cultivation as high as 2,000 meters.

The Guatemalan coffee grading system “defines the Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) grade to include coffee beans grown at elevations higher than 4,500 feet [1350 meters] above sea level, while the Hard Bean (HB) grade includes coffee beans grown between 4,000 feet and 5,000 feet [1300-1500 meters] above sea level.”

The higher the elevation, the slower the growth and ripening, thus the denser the bean, rendering it of higher quality.