Pacas, El Playon, Israel Ventura, Honduras 12oz

Pacas, El Playon, Israel Ventura, Honduras 12oz

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Don Israel Ventura

Variety: Pacas

Altitude: 1680 

Don Israel Ventura is Lurvin Venutra's dad, as you know have read the story how I met Lurvin, I cant really say a too many good things about this family! Don Israel is a very unique person, a few words come out of his mouth and less everytime, he loves the farming side of the business.

In his obsessive perfectionist way Don Israel has grown over 12 different varieties of coffees in his farm and all are share grown, dry in Ethiopians beds unders a greenhouse space he created and keeps impressing me over and over again!

One on my favorite things to do with him is to bring him coffees he hasnt try yet, so he always bring the wine glasses out when this happens!