Wush Wush, Chena, Ethiopia 12oz

Wush Wush, Chena, Ethiopia 12oz

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The Washed Keffa Chena Wush Wush has notes of orange candy, molasses and very delicate coffee flower/jasmine.

This is a special preparation double washed coffee!

Procesor: Tariku Alemu

Village: Wush Wush

District: Chena

Zone: Kaffa

Region: SNNPR

Variety: Wush Wush and Heirloom

Kaffa as we all have heard is the heart of coffee history as you may remember Kaldi and his goats eating this red cherries full of energy! Kaffa thrived with gold, ivory and many other beside coffee until its discovery in 850.

At Theodore's Coffee we are always in the hunt of new and exciting coffees and this Wush Wush is a big one! Wush Wush as Geisha Village produces some of the most sought after coffee of the world. The natural adaptation and weather allows a beautiful cup where you can get blossom of coffee flower, jasmine, wisteria and rose along rich honey, orange, candy, lemon and sage.

Our amazing friends at Catalyst Coffee and Dominion Trading have done a excellent job and allowing us to be part of the big steps forward in the coffee industry in Ethiopia.